RSSMate 5.3

RSSMate 5.3 is a client program for grabbing RSS feeds
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RSSMate is a basic RSS client which lets you get the latest posts and news from the websites you want, provided that they offer you an RSS URL.
RSSMate offers the ability to add,edit and delete channels, assign a RSS URL to each one and configure the update frequency between 10 minutes, hourly, every 6 hours or every day.
The program extracts a feed's title from an RSS URL automatically. It would be so nice if it could allow the end users to organize their channels into folders or groups, but it only allows ordering their feeds by moving any of them up or down.
A good feature is the ability to backup and restore your channel list at any time. Another good feature is the ability to search a current channel, next channel or all channels for a certain keyword which can be case sensitive or not. The program can be configured to show the titles of your RSS feeds' entries or show the descriptions below titles for each entry. The configuration of the program allows controlling the color, font, size of the feed posts and the colors for new and read posts.
The program can be also configured to work behind a firewall or a proxy server.
More layout options are available which controls if the program should minimize to tray or taskbar and if it should stay on top of all other windows or not.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Multi channel support
  • Backup / Restore channel lists
  • Has a tray icon


  • Manual refresh of RSS feeds
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